The Art by Artist Symbols

If you’re an art buyer you will notice that when browsing through our artists works some of them will have these symbols below them, this means that the artist you are looking at has signed up to some or all of our symbols. The Art by Artist Symbols are unique and all our artists have the option to sign up for which ones they want to take part in, take a look, it may influence which artist you buy from, our buyer plus scheme is very popular.

If you’re an artist the commission sharing is a great way to extend where your work is seen, to take part in this scheme you must be signed up to have your own art website through us so we can plug you in to this fabulous system.

Commission sharing

Commission Sharing

This is only relevant if you are an artist. If you see this symbol it means that this artist is ready, willing and able to work with you within your own art by artist framework

Buyer Plus

Buyer Plus

This symbol means our artist has signed up for our buyer plus scheme which means if you were to buy this artists work you would receive a percentage of future print sales on the piece you have bought, in most cases this means you will double your money.

symbol print


This symbol means that this artist work is available on all our print types, fine art prints, canvases, greeting cards etc. If you see an orignal you like but would like it as a print instead and you see this symbol you are good to go.


Original sales

This means that this artist is selling their originals.


Make me an offer

This artist is open to negotiation, its not meant to be a free for all just if a piece you especially like is out of your price range you can open up a dialogue with the artist.

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