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I cannot remember a time, as a child, when I wasn’t drawing or painting something. Indeed my first sale at the age of 14 was a felt tip drawing of a barn owl purchased by a family friend. My early working years were spent, firstly as a paste-up artist working on magazines such as ‘The Lady’ and ‘What Video’and then providing illustrations for various companies including Hornby Hobbies, Scalextric and ICI Oils.

During the 90′s when computers started to dominate the printing industry I studied horticulture and became and landscape designer. A car accident in 2002 left me with serious back injuries and it was then that I started to paint again, finding inspiration in the beautiful coastline of Kent.

For me light is everything in a good painting. Above detail or definition light plays an essential part in good composition. Reflections and light upon water fascinate me and I constantly strive to capture this effect on canvas. I paint mostly ‘en plein’ , to try and capture the moment as nature intended and then ‘working-up’ the painting back in the studio into a finished piece.

If my work touches someone with a recollection of a walk in the country or a day by the sea then I have succeeded in bringing that essence of nature into their lives and the cold dawns on a desolate beach have been worthwhile !

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