Bernard Victor

About Bernard Victor

I have been painting since I retired in 2000. I specialise in modern still life and more conventional seascapes featuring sailing boats in action painted in oils and acrylics. I also do small ink and watercolour sketches of anything that takes my fancy.

I am fascinated in the way shapes and colours interact with each other to build up an interesting and fascinating picture.

As an ex-dinghy sailor, I am fascinated by the way that sails, waves and wind combine to build up an exciting picture, and I try to capture this excitement in my sailing paintings.

I consider myself basically self taught, though I belong to a small local painting group, and have attended various classes and seminars. I particularly enjoyed a couple of courses on abstract painting, but do not feel that I am capable of producing good abstracts, which I think are more difficult to paint then non abstract compositions. I have included a page of these abstracts, but do not think that it is a field which I will be expanding.

I have exhibited at the Menier and Novas Galleries, the Horniman Annual Exhibition, the Park Cafe Gallery and various Bromley Art Society shows.

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