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About Dorothy Ramsay

I have lived in the English Lake District for 35 years, and its landscape has become my greatest influence. Born in the North of England, I returned there the day I completed my degree at Camberwell School of Art London. Although I spent 3 years at Findhorn and another 3 years living in Cardiff, I return back to the fells. At Camberwell under the tutelage of Michael Rothenstine I became enthralled with printmaking. The smell of inks and the excitement of lifting the paper, is endlessly fascinating.

My other influences have been the painters Winfred Nicolson, Mary Newcomb, and the Lake District painter Sheila Fell. My work starts with drawings, and photographs out side what ever the weather. When I return to the studio these are worked on with pen and wash and may evolve in to a etching or an oil painting.

Thank you for visiting my page I have found endless inspiration from the beauty of the Lake District – and I hope you like the results you see here…

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