Ed White

About Ed White

Ed White, a former All-Pro NFL football player, is also a creative painter and sculptor who has his works displayed in many private collections around the world.

His work is noted for its expressive themes and use of vibrant colors. The emotion of his experiences are captured and transformed into the art shown here today. Ed's impressionistic style blends the concepts of realism with a twist of abstract flavor. The play of light and shadows develops a deep sense of the moods that inspire these works. Ed's oils, pen & inks, and acrylics are used to portray his love of sports, landscape, and architecture.

Ed is the executive director of the non-profit foundation Oak Lake Art Center, which operates under the mantra "art is medicine." The foundation works with young people that are learning-challenged or have health/social issues

A percentage of the profits from Ed's art goes to support the Oak Lake Art Center to help show these young people how to tap into their artistic side.

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