Jason Wilsher-Mills

About Jason Wilsher-Mills

My work deals primarily with my self-image as a disabled person, and the longstanding effects of illness and disability. I do this through the use of theatrical artifice, humour and honesty.

I rely on the diary format, so that my images are produced in reaction to my daily life as a disabled person, through which I express the issues one has to confront, when one has a long-term illness or disability. I make the pain I encounter into beautiful images, or into fantastical theatrical motifs, which takes away the power of the illness, disability and pain.

The self-portraits are sometimes provocative; they are honest, with the focus being totally on the message of hope through celebration. I choose with some of my self-portraits to align myself with heroes from my life, which also signpost other facets of my childhood, relationships with my family and personal obsessions with popular culture. Through these other aspects of ‘my story’ are unlocked and new biographies are created.

I produce my work using an iPad and perceive the images created to follow the tradition of painting, and I then print them out, using the Giclee printing method. The ipad is wonderful as is wonderful as is affords me the opportunity to work on a small scale, but then have the images printed at whatever size I decide as being most suitable.

I consider that, although my work is produced digitally, it still follows in the tradition of painting.

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