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About Jill Smith

I am an Abstract and mixed media artist from Lincolnshire UK. L get inspired by things around my home

The weather sky. Anything that takes mybreathe away with its beauty, colour and textures. I have loved art since I had a paint brush in my hand age four then later l went to a local Art Collage and then onto London Art Collage. Later l moved back home and did many creative jobs from owning my own flower shop to designing shoes and wedding gowns. But art always comes first in my life and its still exciting and gives me a buzz now there is nothing better to have or look art.

I lived in Scotland for ten years and found the skies and coast so beautiful and the colours were so vibrant you just had to paint them. While there l taught the blind and partly sighted art and it was so wonderful to see that art was giving them so much happiness and there confidence was growing each week. I do also work on commissions and two clients of mine are Starbucks and Red Door My paintings have been bought from clients in the US and France Holland,Canada Australia Italy

I also specialise in painting abstract art for office spaces as well. This makes an ideal present for someone that has everything.

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