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I have always been drawn to Art and Geography, and was lucky enough to have had an excellent art teacher coupled with the benefit of extensive travel, which hopefully comes through in a strong visual sense.

Having taken many pictures from around the world, while I was a Ski instructor, they had been hidden in my computer and various discs. Showing many of these at a party, I received unexpected praise and even requests for prints. This gave me confidence and desire to constantly improve my technical knowledge, eye for detail, colour, composition and most importantly atmosphere.

There are lots of great images out there but I wanted to provide something more. People would ask me where is that, what were you doing there, how did you get that look etc etc. Consequently I wanted people to get an insight to where I was, how I got there, why that angle, effectively the story embedded in the image. This is why I now write a short piece on each.

I've taken inspiration from many artists including M.C. Escher (The Vector design having been inspired by his work), Georges Surat, Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali, Rene Margritte, Louis Le Prince, Pablo Picasso, but none more so than Cezanne, often reffered to as the 'Father of Modern Art' and post impressionism. It was his attention to colour and impression through brush strokes over detail for detail sake that captivated and inspired me.

Now based in my home Leeds and running a photography and video company after having worked as a surveyor for 7 years I have an instinctive understanding of how buildings and cities like Leeds work and the intricacies and atmosphere that isn’t always immediately apparent..

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