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Lorentz Gullachsen .Peter & Jane Denton have run a stock image library for over twenty five years providing the highest quality images of skies,clouds and all things Sky ,for design & advertising. The Poster sites for the 2000 Millennium awards campaign featured a sky image supplied by the then named Sky Library.
The original images for the library were shot on medium to large format transparency film, usually Fuji Velvia . When the digital revolution arrived ,the stock library invested in a Hasselbald Scanner and digitalised the best film images and now captures the majority of the sky photographs on a PhaseOne medium format camera as well as very high spec ultra wide angle Digitor Schneider Lens.We also shoot on the full frame Nikon & Canon systems.
The images are ready to be loaded onto the new site,which is presently under construction.
However if you require a high quality sky for print or a cost effective image of a sky for a website, we can deliver via FTP until the e-commerce site has been secured and is fully functional .
Thank you for visiting this temporary site and please contact us for future updates.

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