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Loretta Cusworth

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My current work involves the use of ideas or images observed and taken from everyday life, as expressed through emotions and the associated stressful ramifications prevalent in today’s modern high expectation society.

This need, whilst on the surface may be perceived to be accountable and within our capacity to explain things, but our subconscious in sleep will deny this through surreal dreams which causes me to question if what I see is actual surreal or a denied reality.

Research and experimentation has been made with various mediums within paintings which include an Encaustic medium, mono printing and mono types plus collage using flowers and organic materials. Preference is towards mixed media.

I take my influences from all around me through sight and sound in the form of organic visualisations, and tactile though smell and touch. In this my needs are to express and question my perceptions through the use of experimentation in different mediums and genre’s, sometimes with a definite aim or to allow my mind to guide my hand to reveal and bring forth visually that which was latent.

Artists that inspire me are Klimt who worked mainly with the female form, gold, and his Byzantine imagery, plus the Impressionists, as I appreciate texture and colour as it changed the way in which people think about art.

Current projects are worked in oil paints and my interests lie in Abstract Impressionism and Surrealism with the aim of working with the human form.

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