Mark Cawood

About Mark Cawood

Originally from Liverpool I commenced my formal training studying Art and Design at Barking College in Essex, before graduating with an honours degree in Graphic Fine Art (specialising in visual communication) at the University of East London in 2,000. I have since concentrated on theme based projects covering sensitive issues such as recent bacterial outbreaks within our food industry and the subsequent concerns for health and animal welfare. I presently sell work and accept painting commissions on-line, deliver presentations at colleges and universities around the UK focusing on narrative art and have supported the charity “Paintings in Hospitals” and regularly participate in group and solo exhibitions.

Images are unpredictable, perhaps even erratic, no one can be sure what affect they’ll have on the viewer. The image has the potential power to evoke intense mood and feeling however only at a price, it must remain comprehensible otherwise all credibility is lost and the image in question may descend into mere decoration.

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