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Over recent years, I have developed a life-long passion of drawing and painting, selecting nature and expressionism as my subjects. This brings out the pure perception of feelings like an atom or a molecule, which I believe is linked to one molecule per person, just like moods are.

My butterflies are represented in an harmonious yet natural context, and the works of expressionism bring out the true madness of feelings, to true insanity, of the other side that people don’t see, in respect of moods and emotions that absorb like a sponge.

One night, I went out and a butterfly picture came back to me, which I realised I had drawn when I was ten years old in Wilkinson House in Blackburn. After this, my drawing began as I picked up a pencil and began to draw. I was quite shocked that the picture came back to me and that I could draw again.

I carried on drawing butterflies and crazy expressionism pictures and started to exhibit my work in galleries. I also had some articles written in newspapers throughout England.

I am currently 34 years of age and have never been abroad, although I would like to, especially Egypt. I absolutely love drawing and painting and expressing my feelings. I also enjoy weight training to keep the old ticker going.

All the artwork has an explosive feeling of emotion in a rare and special way from my inner feelings and emotions. All the artwork is produced from within and is not copied because it is a balance of my inner thoughts and a lot of heart and passion.

I sit there in a daze and when I put my hand to paper it looks like scribble, but no-one would understand it but me, then when I add paint, the paint talks to me and I know where to put the paint without thinking, and an out of this world picture emerges from it which makes me want to cry because to me it is so breath-taking. Some of my artwork keeps popping up in charity shops, Whish I did in my past. So far, eleven pieces have turned up which is quite amazing.i have always expressed myself creatively even from a very young age and would make things or draw and didnt really understand why.because i did not know this was my talent as i was young .my motivation comes deep within my heart and soul because art is what i do. my art work does not come from any eney one around me but from my feelings what i can onlydescribe as a fire ball of energy inside me which is a fusion of fellings and emotions which come out when i paint.when i paint i see another world which is totally different to the world around me and i feel at one with the paintbrush.i need to have silence around me when i work and no distractions.whilst painting i feel calm and relaxed and escape to another more exiting world in my mind and heart. when i see the painting of what i have created it gives me great sense of satisfaction and happiness. which wells up inside me and makes me feel on top of the painting allow my imagination to run wild and i imagine worlds and dimensions with strange characters liveing in them.which appears in my paintings.i believe that painting allows me to express my self fully and i can create the most outrageous paintings.without hurting anyone. some people think i am strange because they dont understand me.but others say that i am unique and like no one they have ever met before.i cannot change who i am as an artist and believe people who dont understand me are still curious. i would like to create a buzz in the world of art so that people may experience artwork that is completely different and radical.

I have faced all the dark demons and ghosts of the past, and have dealt with any problems as they have arisen, and I am now a man of great strength and will power.

I wish to give hope and encouragement to others in the world and to all types of children and adults in the world, and animals. If people were suffering from an illness or were feeling down, then this may give them some hope and happiness in their life. The same as when a person smiles at another person or gives them a helping hand or cares for them, and this can make them feel on top of the world. At the end of the day, all I want is for people to feel happy, because sometimes it does not come easy to be happy.

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