Siobhan Purdy

About Siobhan Purdy

Born 1970 and raised in Cornwall.

Siobhan completed a foundation course at Falmouth college of Art in 1996. Although being mainly self-taught, this aided her ambition to commence working as a professional artist. In 1998 Siobhan started working from Treruffe Art Studios in Redruth and played a significant role in managing the studios expansion, helping to facilitate opportunities for other local working artists. After eight years (August 2006) Siobhan moved to Krowji Redruth Old Grammar School.

Participating in many ‘Open Studio’ exhibitions, Siobhan has had several solo shows in galleries throughout Cornwall generating media interest.

Personal Statement

This new body of work is inspired by recent events from my own memories and experiences, relating to family and my own surroundings.

Painting is like a magic tool; I don’t start with a fixed idea and as the pictures evolve, objects and places from my memories become apparent in a mysterious way.

I enhance the feelings and atmospheres from my experiences, and bring them to life through the painting. Allowing the paint to be suggestive in the way it develops, this helps me to be imaginative within the process.

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