Sue Forey

Sue Forey

About Sue Forey

Sue Forey is a textile artist who has been making handmade felt 'paintings' for over 14 years. She lives in rural West Wales on a smallholding nestled between the mountains and the sea. Her inspiration comes from the countryside around her and the rural way of life. Her work is naive and full of vibrant colours which make people smile. It can be found in private and public collections in 17 countries.

Sue makes her pictures by carefully arranging layers of dyed and carded sheeps fleece in to an image. Sometimes other fibres such as silk are added. All of the fibres are held in place by needle felting with a hand held barbed needle. They are then wet felted. Wet felting is an ancient art where wool is made in to a strong fabric using only hot, soapy water and the artists own hands. When the felt is dry Sue adds stitching to bring the scene to life.

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