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I am inspired by literally everything around me. Be it colours, textures or views. I like to reinterpret those images, put them in my sketchbook and then get it down onto canvas. There are times however; I don’t know what I am going to paint until I begin to hit the blank canvas! I love the freedom and excitement that feeling brings.

I like to use different types of papers, medium, my own photos and objects to create my artwork, and explore textures and colours. I endeavor to create something a little different.

Over the past 6 years, and after a visit to the Tate Gallery where The Russian Constructivists (1914-1913) were exhibiting, I was completely blown away by their paintings and drawings. Something was triggered off in my brain, and when I got home I got out my trusty sketchbook and started some ideas. The Russian Constructivists themselves were inspired by the Cubists but reinterpreted the style into something more tangible and recognisable. This is what I was aiming for. I named my style of work, ‘Fractured’. And it looks as though the image has been shattered (like glass) and then put together again. I focus on perspective and light enhancing those elements with different tones and depth of colour. I work in chalk pastel, acrylic and coloured pencils, which I believe are a really under rated medium! The portability of the pencils are really great, you can take them anywhere!

I work mainly in two styles, the Fractured technique and Contemporary Florals using mixed media and acrylics (inspired by Georgia O Keefe). I undertake demonstrations in both these styles, and try to make the session as enjoyable and informative as I can. I love it when the group ask lots of questions and keep me on my toes!! From the feedback I received from the Demo’s, people are inspired and want to have a go themselves.

I have a Foundation Diploma from Wimbledon School of Art and a BA Hons in Textile Design and Surface Pattern from the University of Plymouth. My artwork has been bought by a worldwide clientele for over three years. I work closely with Derwent Pencil Company who have produced two tins with my drawings on. I am also represented by an agent and publisher.

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