Buy from our artists and receive different types of buyer benefits

From all year round art sales to doubling your money our system allows you purchase art in many ways….take a look.

All year round sales

We know there are always art sales on somewhere but it is nice to know that here at Art by Artists they aren’t restricted to the odd seasonal event. Many of our artists put sales on through out the year and if you have registered an interest in their work you will be the first to hear about it when they do.

Print pick and mix

Art buyers have a problem when buying prints, they generally have to buy from one artist at a time….generally. Alright not all of the time but at Art by Artist you can buy a canvas here a greeting card there and add it all into one basket for an easy purchase, not only that you can have us distribute your items to different address with personal messages if you like.

Double your money

A really simple yet effective way of encouraging you to buy from our artists is to tell you that you will double your money. Well you won’t be far off, look for any artists signed up the the buyer plus scheme and it means that when you buy an original from them you will receive a percentage of the print sales of that item in the future up to a point where you have doubled your original investment.

Why don’t you sign up as a potential buyer, its free and you will then get regular updates of your favourite artists as well as the latest news and views of Art by Artists as a whole.
As a potential buyer you will also gain access to our discount structure on all our print items such as canvases and cards so if you want a family photo printing onto something memorable your good to go.

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