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We are artist focussed. From promoting your art on our main platform to providing you with your own art website and much more in between we can help you grow as an artist……we can’t paint your pictures for you but we like to think we can help you get it out there in a much more beneficial way.

So your an artist and you want to sell art…right

We are an innovative art gallery and studio which has created a platform enabling artists to create websites that increase their revenue streams using our unique commission system, plug into our artist to buyer/gallery concept and benefit from our amazing photography and print system.

Get commission on your artist friends work

When you sign up for an Art by Artist package you will join an abundance of like minded souls who are thinking the same thing. You simply pick which ones you like and ask them if they would like to be on your website and vice versa, whenever you sell someone else’s art on your site you get the commission not us.

Our flag ship gallery will show your work

When you sign up for an Art By Artists package your work is rotated through our flagship gallery so every year you will have at least one month where your work is shown.

Your work can be selected at anytime to be exhibited by any art by artist gallery

Not only that all our friends who have other art galleries know they can come to the Art by Artists website and pick their favourites to hang up in their own galleries. If you become a preferred artist of theirs we will even tell them when you upload a new piece.

We will even photograph your work professionally

Well, as if getting your work into our fantastic gallery wasn’t enough we photograph it in our professional studio before we hang it up free of charge.

Top quality art prints available to your customers

These images can then be used by our in-house team to create fine art prints, canvases, greeting cards and much more. Don’t forget if you have your own print ready images and want to use our print systems just upload them to your Art by Artist account and your good to go.

We are on a massive hunt for talented artists, we do not accept every application we receive in fact to date we have only accepted 50% of applicants, we are looking for establish artists as well up and coming artists, for us its about the art so please get in touch if your serious about making a living from your art.
Art by Artists is about helping artists to achieve their full potential on and offline, its a real community here so once your onboard you will receive many benefits that not every artist has access too. Please sign up and lets get the ball rolling. Come on Artists, lets go.

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