Local art

Get a piece of art of your local area

Ever wanted a piece of art of your local area but can’t seem to find it, well how about this, we choose an area, submit it to our artists who russtle up a picture and send it back. We then distribute to all our interested buyers and a few more then we let the bidding begin.

Its a real opportunity for our artists to extend their portfolio and a massive opportunity for our buyers to get their hands on something really special of their local area.

We are starting with our own personal piece of beauty, Roundhay Park, so watch this space if your interested. I know we will be keeping a close eye on this one.

Get an existing picture of your local area

Don’t forget we have a vast array of artists that have already done images of their own area so why not do a search for the area you want and you never know.

Find artists in your area

Also don’t forget you can search for artists that operate in your area if you wanted to keep your purchases local or maybe wanted t commission a piece of art

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